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Skip RICE & treat acute injuries with PEACE & LOVE

The standards for acute soft tissue injuries have be upgraded over the years since RICE ( Rest, Ice, Compress & Elevate) was initially recommended. The newest recommendations for immediate care take into consideration the potential harmful effects of ice for acute soft tissue injury. Immediately after injury, do not harm & treat with PEACE:

P Protect

Unload for 1-3 days to minimize bleeding & protect distended tissues. No prolonged rest as that can compromise healing of injured tissues.

E Elevate

Elevate the injured limb above your heart to help improve blood flow out of the region.

A Avoid Anti inflammatories

Inflammation actually helps to repair damaged soft tissues. If you inhibit the inflammation in early stages of an injury, you can interrupt this process. Even the efficacy of ice has been questioned as potentially leading to impaired tissue repair.

C Compression

The use of taping and bandages can limit the edema.

E Educate

There should be an active approach to recovery. Load management is key to a quick recovery. Setting realistic expectations on the time it can take to heal is imperative.

After a few days, consider adding in LOVE

L Load

For soft tissues to recover they need appropriate load. Mechanical stress promotes repair and remodeling of tissue.

O Optimism

Your mindset has a direct link to your recovery. If you remain optimistic with your prognosis your recovery can be enhanced.

V Vascularization

Pain free aerobic exercise should be started a few days after injury to increased blood flow to injured structures.

E Exercise

Exercise can help restore range of motion, strength and proprioception after an injury. Pain should be avoided to ensure repair of tissues.


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