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Easy Prep for Ski Season

The best time to prepare for Ski Season is 6-8 weeks before you hit the slopes. You want to target strengthening of the legs and core, but also address stability and balance. Here are a few easy at home exercises that can prepare your body. For best results, try working up to 3 rounds through the entire program .

Your Core- planks and side planks

Add planks to your exercise routine. Try holding a forearm plank for 30 secs X 3 reps and a side plank for 30 sec X 3 reps. If the plank gets too easy, try dipping your hips side to side. A nice progression for the side plank is to lift a weight with your top arm toward the ceiling and back down. These advanced challenges incorporate trunk stabilization with rotation which is an important component in skiing.

Your Legs- Quads

Squats are an amazing addition to a Ski Prep routine. I like to start with a wall squat where you back up to the wall and lower yourself to 90 degrees and hold X 30 sec; repeat 3 x's. Once this it too easy, it can be progress to single leg squats. In this exercise, you place the side of one leg with the knee bent against the wall, and while pushing into the wall, squat down to a comfortable distance.

Your Hips- Gluteals

Single leg dead lifts are an easy way to address gluteal strength and stability. Stand on one leg and tip forward with your opposite leg behind you; hold for 30 sec, then return to standing. This exercise can be modified to include kettle bells or barbells for added challenge. Just place a weight in one hand and once you've tipped forward, pass the weight back and forth between your two hands for 30 sec; repeat X 3.

Your Power and Endurance

Add plyometric work to your exercise regime. Start with skater hops side to side and advance to jumping lunges. Try to do each exercise for 30 sec x 3 reps.

Injury Prevention is Key

By preparing for the ski season early, you will be able to maximize your fun and minimize soreness and potential for injury. If you have a specific region of concern, consider scheduling an appointment for a more in depth structural & functional assessment. Reach out to


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